Special Thanks to our Sponsors!!!!!

Without you, Life would be a drag.

                Thomas and Shannon
Drag Racing is one of the fastest growing
forms of motorsports.  Attendance at Drag
races are breaking records throughout the
country, this is due to  increased coverage by
TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, and by
more  professional competitions. This rapid
growth is leading many new fans to the sport.
These new Drag Racing fans are creating
opportunities for sponsors to promote their
products and services..

Drag Racing generates tremendous exposure
for our sponsors. It is our objective to
enhance and promote the sale of sponsor
products and services as we fulfill our
mission of being your "preferred partner
through creative solutions."

Iven Motorsports is an important part of the  
drag racing scene.  We are poised to bring
new national records and victories to our
sponsors. Our performance creates positive
exposure for our sponsors, which in turn
generates fan interest in sponsor products
and services, and that results in increased

The strength of Iven Motorsports program is
in personal contact between the race team
and the spectator.  Loyal fans create loyalty
to sponsor products and services.  More that
70% of fans are loyal to the brands involved
in motorsports marketing.  We can see several
products that are synonymous with drag
racing, such as athletic shoes, sandals,
Tshirts, shorts, eyewear/sunglasses, product
such as oil, fuel, belts, and several other
things. Most of our fans are stockcar racers,
motorcycle racers and drag racers.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate
how your company can benefit from
sponsorship. We will show you the exposure
and sales possibilities, and how we can make
it all work to your advantage by being your
"preferred partner through creative


Thomas and Shannon Iven
Iven Motorsports
Blazer Racing