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Moon Dust Motorsports 2006
2008 Car Race Schedule/Boat race schedule
Car Races        

April 19th and 20th
"Bracket Bash"
June 21st and 22nd
July 19th and 20th
August 23rd and 24th
September 6th and 7th

NHRA Bracket finals
October 10th-12th

IHRA Div. 4 Races
San Antonio
March 15th and 16th  
Tulsa, OK
April 19th and 20th
Baton Rouge, LA
May 3rd and 4th
Lufkin, TX  
Pine Valley
June 21st and 22nd
Dallas, TX (
new track)
August 30th and 31st

IHRA Bracket finals
October 3rd-5th


March  8th and 22nd
April 5th and 26th
May 10th
June 7th and 28th
July 5th and 26th
August 9th

Duel on the Brazos
4/25/2008 thru 4/27/2008
Waco, TX

Heart of Texas Thunder
6/7/2008 thru 8/5/2008
Brady, TX

Buffalo Springs Lake
6/14/2008 thru 6/15/2008
Lubbock, TX

Showdown in San Angelo, TX -
(Lake Nasworthy)
6/28/2008 thru 6/29/2008
San Angelo, TX

Bricktown Nationals
7/11/2008 thru 7/13/2008
Oklahoma City, OK

Cowtown Nationals
8/4/2008 thru 8/5/2008
Ft Worth, TX

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Special Events

Car shows